Captain’s Log 09-08-2020

Avast Ye!
Our very first Captain’s Log, the start of an epic scripture! We started off with Flameheart, which went pretty quick and effortless down. Then when starting the boss, we had to fight of 1 galleon in the process and later when Flameheart was done, another sloop who tried to steal our well-earned trophies.

I can tells ya they ‘failed’ and are all in the Ferryman’s Locker now. They were never seen again on the seas!

With the trophies on board, we moved over onto the next event, and started on a regular Fort. For some reason a Brigantine and a Sloop tried to take this from us, but we hold our ground and survived all assassins and prevailed. Another Galleon and Sloop spotted our shiny ship, and tried, but sunk in the process as well. The Sloop was very friendly and brought us some Athena stuff.

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