The Convoy of the Wilds



Figurehead: Golden Legendary
Hull: Imperial Sovereign
Sails: Wilds
Helm: Imperial Sovereign
Cannon: Legendary
Capstan: Imperial Sovereign

This ship was in the first Convoy against the Kraken, and the ship to hide the hatchling after the war. When this ship leaves the dock it sails upon Black Waters. This ship’s beauty leads many pirates asking, “Now, which Narwhal is this one?”

Commanded By

Kinship of the Wilds

Kraken’s Requiem

Figurehead: Inky Kraken
Hull: Order of Souls
Sails: Kraken
Helm: Order of Souls
Cannon: Order of Souls
Capstan: Inky Kraken

The sound of wind in her sails and water off her hull, is a lament to any Kraken in its path. In this ships wake are Funerals of watery graves. Also does Weddings and Birthdays.

Commanded By

The Kraken’s Cry

Figurehead: Inky Kraken
Hull: Reaper’s Bones
Sails: Inky Kraken
Helm: Bone Crusher
Cannon: Bone Crusher
Capstan: Bone Crusher

Adorned with the bones of the sailors she has taken to her inky depths.

Commanded By

The Iliad

Figurehead: Ghost
Hull: The Wandering Reaper
Sails: Ghost
Helm: Ghost
Cannon: Notorious Reaper
Capstan: Reaper’s Bone

I am the unwritten song to be developed upon a golden harp. For some I am harmonious, for others dissonant, but I am always unique. Every chord and every note resonates my changing nature. Some call my music dark, others a perfect art. But the truth is I am merely the echo of your beating heart.

The arc of my life carries the pulse of the world. Syncopated tension in the upsets of expectations. Harmony and awe filled silence in the cornucopia of this verdant Earth. Tremulous wonder in the touch of a hand, let my final voyage be grand.

Commanded by


Figurehead: Wild Rose
Hull: Deep Ocean Crawler
Sails: Kraken
Helm: Inky Kraken
Cannon: Sea Dog
Capstan: Deep Ocean Crawler

The destination varies, and the winds and tide will change, What matters is how you point your sails and command your crew. And anyone in the cabal is welcome on my vessel anytime. It is the Tempest an original work by an original member

Commanded By

The Headless Shadow

Figurehead: Obsidian
Hull: Ruffian Sea Dog
Sails: Ruffian Sea Dog
Helm: Grand Admiral
Cannon: Obsidian
Capstan: Grand Admiral

She Wails, She Sails,
She’ll only leave you with Fish Tails

Commanded by

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The Mighty Piñata

Figurehead: Collector’s Paradise Garden
Hull: Paradise Garden
Sails: Collector’s Paradise Garden
Helm: Paradise Garden
Cannon: Paradise Garden
Capstan: Paradise Garden

In the Wilds, everything is more dangerous, especially rainbows.

Commanded by

The Krak’ Head Piñata

Figurehead: Bone Crusher
Hull: Paradise Garden
Sails: Collector’s Paradise Garden
Helm: Paradise Garden
Cannon: Paradise Garden
Capstan: Paradise Garden

Double Rainbow

Commanded by

The Piñata’s Mite

Figurehead: Harpoon
Hull: Rowboat
Sails: Oars
Helm: Oars
Cannon: None
Capstan: None

It will leave you scratching your head.

Commanded by