Journeymen’s Legion



Figurehead: Figurehead of Courage
Hull: Celestial Steed
Sails: Triumphant Sea Dog
Helm: Triumphant Sea Dog
Cannon: Bear & Bird
Capstan: Triumphant Sea Dog

This Assassin of the seas has superior tactical prowess than any other ship. It’s known to especially hunt down ships with White Sails, and continually murder crews who have that damn Admiral Jacket on. Best find a new ocean Peelloe… Pewlow… Pelloo… whatever your name is.

Commanded By

Journeymen of the Red Sea

Spicy Dawn

Figurehead: Gold Hauler
Hull: Silver Blade
Sails: Triumphant Sea Dog
Helm: Triumphant Sea Dog
Cannon: Triumphant Sea Dog
Capstan: Trapmaker’s

Things are getting Spicy

Commanded By

Scarlet Tale

Figurehead: Gold Hoarder
Hull: Morningstar
Sails: Morningstar
Helm: Ashen Dragon
Cannon: Ashen Dragon
Capstan: Ashen Dragon

Oh if this ship could talk… the Tales it would tell.

Commanded By

Siren’s Melody

Figurehead: Huntress 
Hull: Huntress
Sails: Huntress
Helm: Huntress
Cannon: Huntress
Capstan: Huntress

She sings to you, her gentle voice calling out from beyond the darkness. You follow the melody as it beckons you to come closer. You breath catches as icy fingers grasp your hand. It pulls you, forcing you deeper into the sea. There is no escape. Time stops. The moon has gone and darkness surrounds you. You forget to breathe as the water envelopes your soul. You look to the sky, but only piercing blue eyes gaze back. Your heart stops as the voice grows still. You are hers and she is yours. Beware the Siren’s Melody.

Commanded By

The Ancient Secret

Figurehead: Obsidian 
Hull: Soul Flame 
Sails: Festival of the Damned
Helm: Ghost 
Cannon: Ruffian Sea Dog
Capstan: Soul Flame

Everything that happens on this ship will never be forgotten. Downside, her crew remembers everything, I mean everything…

Commanded by 


Figurehead: Collector’s Paradise Garden
Hull: Paradise Garden
Sails: Ghost Captain
Helm: Soul Flame
Cannon: Soul Flame 
Capstan: Soul Flame

The fiercest ship is the Horstachio, you might think it’s innocent based on the color and design of the ship. But do not let that fool you; therefore they’re impossible to sink let alone see it in sight. It’s because who ever stumbled upon the ship has never been alive to tell the tale

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