The Clansmen’s Storm Fleet


Maelstrom’s Revenge

Figurehead: Collector’s Bear & Bird
Hull: Royal Sea Squirrel
Sails: Lost Guardian
Helm: Merchant
Cannon: Merchant
Capstan: Merchant

Sailors dread having to sail through a Storm… Now imagine having to fight it… It’s kind of like that.

Commanded By

Clansmen of the Shores

Valkyrie’s Shieldmaiden

Figurehead: Silver Blade
Hull: Wandering Reaper
Sails: Noble Pathfinder
Helm: Silver Blade
Cannons: Silver Blade
Capstan: Silver Blade

A proud ship with a hull as thick as Viking Blood. It fights with such ferocity and skill, even the Valkyries are honored to battle beside this shieldmaiden.

Commanded by

Fenrir’s Fury

Figurehead: Night Wulf
Hull: Ghost
Sails: Night Wulf
Helm: Night Wulf
Cannons: Ruffian Sea Dog
Capstan: Grand Admiral

Beware Fenrir’s Fury, its bite is worse than its bark. Don’t betray this ship, the last guy that did ended up wearing a hook.

Commanded by


Figurehead: Merchant Alliance
Hull: Killer Whale
Sails: Parot 
Helm: Spartan 
Cannons: Spartan
Capstan: Spartan

Commanded by