The Ancient Order of Chaos

Our Ancient Vaults have stored our relics and gold for centuries. Relics and gold that are rightfully ours. The keys hidden in the darkness. Should you take too long to figure out our secrets your fate will become clear with the sound of a click and rushing water. We will listen as your screams fill the void. We will take no pity on your souls. You have chosen your fates. The Vaults must stay sealed. The riches belong to The Ancients and forever more we shall protect them. Tread carefully. Your lives depend on it.

The stars and statues of old are no match to the shadows in which we find our vast plunder among other pirates. We are always one step ahead of our enemies on the path to obtain all. Gold calls to us. It beckons to us from beyond. Pirates be warned, as we are to be feared if you dare stand in our way. You have no idea if we are right behind you or about to pounce.

As masters of the seas, our mission is to take what’s yours. Your hard sought treasure shall become our bounty to behold. The shadows that surround you close in, pressing down on you. Only the glint of gold reflecting in our eyes can be seen. What once was yours has now become ours. You are left empty handed, Green With Envy. Our Vaults are once again filled.

Faction Leader: