Here is a quick overview of the factions so that you may choose wisely. Each faction has an area of the map in the Sea of Thieves universe, an interesting backstory and a speciality.

The Ash Consortium

We love to play with fire, kegs and anything that will go Boom!
Being the keeper of some dark and wondrous secrets, we always keep a keg handy in case we have to take care of business and destroy any evidence that could incriminate us or the Cabal. This crew has grit and determination to make through any adventure.
Join in for an “explosion” of fun.

Journeymen of the Red Sea

As the cabals strength spread across the sea of thieves, it became apparent, that while the areas were under control, influence from the veil would have to be watched.
The Journeymen formed under the directive to protect the waters from outside enemies, and to further explore the veil where it would be possible. These sailors can be called upon from any faction at near any time, and are responsible for the overall protection of the cabal, and the tavern, while performing expeditions in an attempt to break the veil. Rumors speculate the Journeymen have discovered frozen islands on the horizon.

The Ancient Order of Chaos

The Order of Chaos are sneaky, silent pirates who prefer to dwell within the shadows as opposed to wayfaring in the light of day. We are the descendants of the original Ancient Order, thriving to create chaos from order and derive order from chaos. We reside within the in-between, masters of influencing this delicate universal balance for our own.

Kinship of the Wilds

The Kinship are a harsh people living in a harsh sea, where hunting the great beasts is a way of life. With ships scarred by Megalodon teeth and decks covered in ink, they are known to harvest Krakens and Megalodons for profit. Since the Order of Souls are always in need of Kraken ink, the Kinship are always close, making deals. These face painted Mercenaries will kill anything or anyone for a bit of coin. Sinking another ship doesn’t seem hard after killing your tenth Kraken.

Clansmen of the Shores

The Clansmen are honorable seafarers known to navigate through the roughest waters or to scrounge up loot by the means of brute force from pirates and merchants alike. With an affinity for steel and gun powder, these men and women fight only for honor, clanship, and plunder.