Lords of the Fleets

Flagship of the Cabal

The Royal Fortune

Figurehead: Gold Hoarder
Hull: Spartan
Sails: Nightshine Parrot
Helm: Inky Kraken
Cannons: Spartan
Capstan: Killer Whale

Once a Clansmen Boss ship. Then a Kinship Leader ship. Then a Captain’s ship, where it got abandoned by her crew, while they go fish. Now the Flag Ship of the whole Cabal of Thieves! Oh how Fortunate!

Commanded by

The Cabal of Thieves

The Devils Fleet

The Phantom Seahorse

Figurehead: Legendary
Hull: Nightshine Parrot
Sails: Ghost Captain
Helm: Rogue Sea Dog
Cannon: Ruffian Sea Dog
Capstan: Grand Admiral

The newest flame, but the brightest light. I mean, have you looked at those sails?

Commanded By

The Ash Consortium

Journeymen’s Legion


Figurehead: Figurehead of Courage
Hull: Celestial Steed
Sails: Triumphant Sea Dog
Helm: Triumphant Sea Dog
Cannon: Bear & Bird
Capstan: Triumphant Sea Dog

This Assassin of the seas has superior tactical prowess than any other ship. It’s known to especially hunt down ships with White Sails, and continually murder crews who have that damn Admiral Jacket on. Best find a new ocean Peelloe… Pewlow… Pelloo… whatever your name is.

Commanded By

Journeymen of the Red Sea

The Ancient Armada

The Swallow

Figurehead: Aristocrat
Hull: Elemental Power
Sails: Gold Hoarder Inaugural Captain
Helm: Royal Sovereign
Cannon: Royal Sovereign
Capstan: Royal Sovereign

Don’t be fooled by this ships lovely Golden Sails and gentle Swallow adorned the front. All you’ll hear are gunshots from Flintlocks, screams of men, and the hurling of drunk pirates from this sweet, little Songbird.

Commanded By

The Ancient Order of Chaos

The Convoy of the Wilds


Figurehead: Golden Legendary
Hull: Imperial Sovereign
Sails: Wilds
Helm: Imperial Sovereign
Cannon: Legendary
Capstan: Imperial Sovereign

This ship was in the first Convoy against the Kraken, and the ship to hide the hatchling after the war. When this ship leaves the dock it sails upon Black Waters. This ship’s beauty leads many pirates asking, “Now, which Narwhal is this one?”

Commanded By

Kinship of the Wilds

The Clansmen’s Storm Fleet

Maelstrom’s Revenge

Figurehead: Figurehead: Collector’s Bear & Bird
Hull: Royal Sea Squirrel
Sails: Lost Guardian
Helm: Merchant
Cannon: Merchant
Capstan: Merchant

Sailors dread having to sail through a Storm… Now imagine having to fight it… It’s kind of like that.

Commanded By

Clansmen of the Shores