Kinship of the Wilds

The People of the Wilds are survivors of a dying sea, once Tribal Fishermen are now Cutthroat pirates that Hunt the Great Beasts upon the waves. Disaster after disaster, the sea now known as the Wilds have become forever scarred and changed, just like its people.

History of the Kinship
The Kinship Ancestors once lived in teal waters as tribal fishermen, honing their spear fishing against the rarest of fish. They revered those who hunted the great sharks, and those who could catch the black fish brought by the storms. It’s said long ago, Comets impaled the waters from above, broke the land, and cracked open the depths. The Islands were now scarred and broken, groves were sunken into rock, and the teal water now murky and brown. Some believed the Comets uprooted a great tooth from the Great, One-Eyed Shark. Still sharp to the touch, the Kinship built their main outpost, Dagger Tooth. The Great Tooth protected the outpost for many years. It was later fitted with an extended dock to hold all the Convoy Ships.

Rise of Monsters
After years in murky waters and large trenches, bigger beasts were brooding. The Megalodons of old were back in the modern age, bringing back the Kinship traditions. Re-applying their teal face paint, the people of the Wilds now traded their spears for cannons, and hunted these creatures. They hunted every damn megalodon in the seas. The sudden stir in the waters due to the large number of vessels resulted in the worst. A new beast rose out of the water with mighty tentacles and split the ships in two. The ships tried to get out of its path. It was the first time ever recorded, that the tentacles of a beast wrapped itself upon one of the fleeing ships, immediately dragging it down into the depths.

Nothing compares to the hatred the Wilds people share for the Monstrous Beast that lurks in the black, the Kraken. The new tentacled beasts plagued the Wilds, and they seemed to have come quick and suddenly from the abyss itself. The Kinship hunted these creatures and tried to track their whereabouts. After losing too many ships, the Kinship were getting the full Convoy together to make a stand against these leviathans. All the beast hunters of the Wilds were joining up for one big attack against the Kraken.

The Great Battle of Kraken’s Fall
The battle was not a pretty one… Ships were torn apart… lost crew mates swimming in the black water, only to be grabbed and smashed apart against the water’s surface. Sailors screaming as gusts of wind sent pirates into toothy maws and ripped to pieces. The ink would poison all it touched, choking and killing the crew, who were trying to cut the tentacles off the ships. There were only two things in the water that day… ink and blood.

All the remaining ships sailed south. With careful positioning of the Convoy along the shore, the krakens had a disadvantage. The battle went for days and nights… Then at 3 am something strange happened… all the Krakens would call out. But something stranger was the small cry from the middle of the bay… they got closer… they knew what it was and the way the other beasts reacted confirmed everyone’s thoughts. They caged the hatchling and dragged it out of the water. The Older Beasts cried out chilling wails that echoed over the seas. Then the most astonishing thing happened, the Krakens themselves crawled out of water to protect their own. No longer hiding in the Ink, the monstrous beasts exposed themselves to the cannon fire of the Convoy ships and the Krakens fell. With new cargo on the Narwhal, Poop Dolphin sailed off with the little wailing creature, hiding it for the Kinship giving him title Keeper of Krakens and Leadership over the Wilds people. Rumor is the Kinship feed the creature only Kraken meat so it hungers for only one thing. Others believe that every night at 3 am all the kraken cry out searching for what they lost and anytime the Narwhal sails Krakens still attack looking for its hidden cargo.

Within the Cabal
It was this convoy, however, that ventured beyond the veil of the Wilds, and met with those established at the Arena Tavern. And it was through this interaction, they with the agreement to help eradicate the Sea of Thieves of the great beasts lying below, the Kinship of the Wilds became one of the 5 of The Cabal of Thieves.

With the Kraken threat controlled, the Kinship now resort to piracy upon the seas and mercenaries for hire. You can tell a ship of the Wilds by its torn sails and battle-scarred hulls. They still harvest the great beasts of the ocean for tradition and profit, giving the Order of Souls a steady supply of Kraken Ink for their rituals. The Kinship of the Wilds are a scarce people, most of the time only having one member on your boat. But if a Kraken dare attack your ship, it only takes one Pirate from the Wilds to take it down.

Faction Leader: