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Welcome to The Cabal of Thieves ye scurvy dog!

What is the theme in the Cabal of Thieves?
The Cabal resembles the aesthetic of a “Cosair, rapscallion gathering;” five pirate factions of the Sea of Thieves coming together to preside over the waters as one entity.

How does this all work?
We are an established community that prides itself on offering players a wide range of ways to sail and have fun in SoT. We appreciate and accommodate all types of players from PvE to PvP.

Aspects of the Cabal
• Complete with our own lore and backstories tied into the game.
• Comprised of 5 factions that each have their own history and territory in SoT.
• An active LFG system fitted with responsible and dedicated players who all contribute to this growing, mature community.
• A wide player base that spans between PvE to PvP preferences to help you find the perfect crew or complete a specific task.
• Exciting server events and bounties to complete for rewards.
• Rank system allowing for the opportunity to become a Cabal Captain with moderator abilities and have a featured ship.
• In-game gold to Discord currency conversion system, which allows members to be paid for their sailing time and purchase discord tags, items, or gamble with friends in our Backroom Casino.