The Devils Fleet


The Phantom Seahorse

Figurehead: Legendary
Hull: Nightshine Parrot
Sails: Ghost Captain
Helm: Rogue Sea Dog
Cannon: Ruffian Sea Dog
Capstan: Grand Admiral

The newest flame, but the brightest light. I mean, have you looked at those sails?

Commanded By

The Ash Consortium

Fiery Lily

Figurehead: Cutthroat
Hull: Blighted
Sails: Sovereign
Helm: Wild Rose
Cannon: Wild Rose
Capstan: Wild Rose

They serve ham and call it bacon

Commanded By

Bleak Horizon

Figurehead: Ashen Dragon
Hull: Inky Kraken
Sails: Burning Blade
Helm: Forsaken Ashes
Cannon: Forsaken Ashes
Capstan: Forsaken Ashes

Let us rage against the seas
Sinking anyone who dares to flee
The pirate code we’ll not abide
Sailing over the bones of those who’ve died

Commanded By