Journeymen of the Red Sea

The growing reputation of The Cabal of Thieves reached out far among the vast Sea of Thieves, and along with it’s allies, enemies were in no shortage thereafter. Some of the dedicated members within the united factions saw this threat, as their ships would get overturned and ransacked without warning. The Cabal leaders got together one fruitful night, to discuss these measures. Though each faction contributed greatly to the tavern, and the efforts of the cabal, these factions stressed the strain it was to safeguard their own waters, much less another factions from a far. A central hub was needed of a few brave pirates who would devote themselves to not only the protection of the cabal, but the expansion of it as well. Those who would travel beyond the veil as it is currently known, and keep those at bay from the Cabal’s Sea of Thieves. The once legendary huntsman of the Kinship offered to build up a new group, knowing his faction was to be left in good hands. And thus, utilized the Tavern as the central hub for The Cabal of Thieves, it became the birthplace and home port for the newly founded Journeymen of the Red Sea. A rowdy group behind an otherwise quietly strategic leader, this group pledged itself to respond to the calls where it could, and to aid those pirates in need from the threat of our waters being invaded. The tavern itself has bestowed many of this group the Triumphant Sea Dog Sails, and it is often a peer sight of intimidation when the Journeymen’s Legion has you scoped. Ruthless, strategic, and precise, the Journeymen are unforgiving when the Cabal is crossed. Stay true with the cabal, and one would not need to worry of these sails, as often a sigh of relief is drawn as they drift near. But if you are foe, run in fear. With sharpened steel, and true aim, cold steel may pierce your heart. If you still breath upon the boots of the crews of blue and silver, you too could join the Fleet known as the Journeymen.
Besides, rumor has it they have found ice among the veils of the Red Sea.

Ships of the Journeymen 

Shipmates of Journeymen of the Red Sea