The Ancient Armada


The Swallow

Figurehead: Aristocrat
Hull: Elemental Power
Sails: Gold Hoarder Inaugural Captain
Helm: Royal Sovereign
Cannon: Royal Sovereign
Capstan: Royal Sovereign

Don’t be fooled by this ships lovely Golden Sails and gentle Swallow adorned the front. All you’ll hear are gunshots from Flintlocks, screams of men, and the hurling of drunk pirates from this sweet, little Songbird.

Commanded By

The Ancient Order of Chaos


Figurehead: Mercenary
Hull: Mutinous
Sails: Collectors Cutthroat
Helm: Hunter
Cannon: Order of Souls
Capstan: Order of Souls

Watch out for this Predator of the Night. It will stalk you through the mist and is known to hunt down Full Fleets. If you find yourself on board this old, extra wide Galleon… keep an eye on your grog.

Commanded By

The Gypsy Curse

Figurehead: Fightin’ Frogs
Hull: Obsidian
Sails: Obsidian
Helm: Hunter
Cannon: Fightin’ Frogs
Capstan: Fightin’ Frogs

She might steal your heart, then break it.

Commanded by