The Ash Consortium

Our crew was exhausted after a long day in the Devil’s Roar, bobbing and weaving the ash from the Volcano’s surrounding us. We needed a warm meal and a large grog and of course we could count on the lovely Tallulah to take good care of us.

As we felt more rested the spirit began to rise and we started talking. Loving our independence, loving the fact that we are free spirited and at the same time strong minded we started to discuss our love for warmth, explosives of all sort and not being scared of a little fire here and there. So, this bunch of young sailors decided to create their own association and from that day they would be known as The Ash Consortium. Somewhat like a Phoenix, we rose from the ash and fire, making us stronger than even we could imagine.

For a fiery, explosive time join The Ash Consortium!!!

Faction Leader: