The Drydock

On the Drydock you will find our Retired Ships. Maybe just maybe if the shipwright has enough time these beasts will be sea worthy again and rejoin our fleet!

Obsidian Arrow

Figurehead: Inky Kraken
Hull: Shark Hunter
Sails: Ceremonial Admiral
Helm: Bone Crusher
Cannon: Inky Kraken
Capstan: Bone Crusher

If you look South West in the night, you can see the stars this ship is named after. A mighty Arrow tipped with Sharks Teeth meant to pierce the Heart of a Kraken.

The Convoy of the Wilds

Scorched Soul

Figurehead: The Gold Hauler
Hull: Ashen Dragon
Sails: Collector’s Blighted Sails
Helm: Hunter
Cannon: Ghost
Capstan: Ashen Dragon

The Figurehead on the front is a warning to anyone who dares attack is digging their own grave.

The Devils Fleet

Last Shadow

Figurehead: Legendary Reaper
Hull: Inky Kraken
Sails: Hunter
Helm: Hunter
Cannon: Notorious Reaper
Capstan: Trapmaker’s

She’s a beautiful ship, to bad its the last Shadow you’ll ever see

Journeymen’s Legion


Figurehead: Collector’s Elemental Power
Hull: Royal Sea Squirrel
Sails: Briggsy’s Sail
Helm: Wild Rose
Cannon: Wild Rose
Capstan: Wild Rose

The Firefly’s unique blue flame looks gentle and calm, but her flames burn hotter than the Roar itself. This Ship’s trail boils the water around it and sets the sky itself ablaze.

The Devils Fleet

Forsaken Fortune

Figurehead: Ashen Dragon
Hull: Omen
Sails: Ashen Dragon
Helm: Ashen Dragon
Cannon: Ashen Dragon
Capstan: Ashen Dragon

There’s no better ship suited for the Devil’s Roar. Years of ash, molten rock, and boiling water have only strengthened her hull, and increase her effectiveness within the Forsaken Shores.

The Devils Fleet

Yossarian’s Bane

Figurehead: Huntress
Hull: Silver Blade Hull
Sails: Noble Pathfinder
Helm: Sailor
Cannon: Killer Whale
Capstan: Killer Whale

This Vessel traverses the Seas with both buoyancy and equanimity. This ship is always perceived but never spotted. It cruises in the sunlight during the night, and sails under the stars during the day. Ask the question this or that and the answer will be yes. “Don’t hurt your head”

The Acient Armada


Figurehead: Spinal Figurehead
Hull: Huntress
Sails: Magpie’s Fortune
Helm: Huntress
Cannon: Huntress
Capstan: Huntress

Beware, if you venture too close to a storm, not only will you have the winds, rain and lightning to deal with, but the ship hiding within it. This ship is poised to send you to the watery abyss. Where there is a storm there is a Kelpie.

The Clansmen’s Storm Fleet

The Shrouded Embrace:

Figurehead: Collector’s Shrouded Ghost Hunter
Hull: Reaper’s Bones
Sails: Burning Blade
Helm: Reaper’s Bones
Cannons: Notorious Reaper
Capstan: Reaper’s Bones

This Ship of the Journeymen will chase you into the Red Sea, leaving you to feel the shadowy embrace of the Red Mist.

Journeymen’s Legion