The Mighty Piñata

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Figurehead: Collector’s Paradise Garden
Hull: Paradise Garden
Sails: Collector’s Paradise Garden
Helm: Paradise Garden
Cannon: Paradise Garden
Capstan: Paradise Garden

In the Wilds, everything is more dangerous, especially rainbows.

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Crew of The Mighty Piñata

The Mighty Piñata latest Tavern Tale(s)

  • The Mighty Piñata 911

    The Mighty Piñata 911

    Operator CatchingRock: TMP 911 how can I help you? Cyclopropyl: Hello?…Hello?… Can you hear me? This is Cyclo I have an emergency. Operator: What is your emergency sir? Cyclo: I had a Brigantine tried to sink me. Now they are starting the Fort of the Damned. Operator: Please remain calm sir and stay on the line … Continue reading "The Mighty Piñata 911"Read More »
  • Captain’s Log 09-12-2020

    Captain’s Log 09-12-2020

    What started out as an ancient Vault Quest, emerged into an open world event with some pvp action. We got some shit done during our small voyage. We’re using The Mighty Piñata skin, so everyone starts to pick on us, and bring us loot! Our ship didn’t sink, but it got seriously damaged. The Magic … Continue reading "Captain’s Log 09-12-2020"Read More »
  • Captain’s Log 09-08-2020

    Captain’s Log 09-08-2020

    Avast Ye! Our very first Captain’s Log, the start of an epic scripture! We started off with Flameheart, which went pretty quick and effortless down. Then when starting the boss, we had to fight of 1 galleon in the process and later when Flameheart was done, another sloop who tried to steal our well-earned trophies. … Continue reading "Captain’s Log 09-08-2020"Read More »

The Mighty Piñata latest Crew Recordings

Holiday Special

PoopDolphin5000 as Santa.
WeakDexx as The Glowstick Elf.

It started with Santa collecting a gift to give it away. The gift kept giving!