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Here is an offer for a new bounty fit for all the pyromaniacs in the Cabal and everyone who likes a little explosion of fun. Gather the largest amount of Kegs while sailing around the Sea.

From October 21st 2020 to November 1st @3pm EST

Provide us a picture with the most Kegs on the top deck of your boat with a little bit of a space between them, and give us your count so it can be verified.

-Boat size: no limits
-Change the lights on your ship to Red in the picture
-If you submit a video, a picture must also be submitted so the kegs can be seen on top deck.
-1 submission per person only.
-Can’t be achieved on a sting!! 1 points for each regular Keg 2 points for each Ancient Keg/Mega Keg

– If you do share a video of your “Viking send off” 5 extra points
– If by doing so you also take down another ship, 10 extra points
– Provide the list of your team with your photo/video submission
– If you want to replace your picture/video because you made a better one, remove previous picture/video and post your best!

1st place will rake in 20,000$ for the team
2nd place will rake 15,000$ for the team
3rd place will rake 12,000$ for the team

Have fun and go out with a bang at the end of the day! :boom::boom:

** How to get the red light? Easy you have to die by fire and grab the light on the Ferry of the Damned :fire:

Post your picture on Discord in the #bounty-board
-The Ash Consortium Captains will be judging your pictures
-Posted between Wednesday Oct. 21th thru Sunday Nov. 1st.
-Will only consider 1 picture per person, you can change your picture.


21 Oct 2020 - 01 Nov 2020


All Day


Prize Pool
The Ash Consortium


The Ash Consortium

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