Dear Cabal sneakpeakers.

I created this page to give u a heads up about the wishlist and the work in progress.
Also do NOT mind the design! As this will be adressed last. Im setting it up so it works after we make it pretty.

Wishlist/Work In Progress

      • Video option – DONE
        The homepage now shows a video (desktop version only). At the moment it is a SoT vid for shows. Let’s Make a cabal special 😀
      • Introduction Video for new members
        A video guide to explain what is the cabal. how to sign up and explain our discord community
      • New Member Concern
        What if a new member signs up trough the website and joins our discord?
        How will this new member be introduced and explained how it all works. Where is its guiding hand?
        The introduction video could help out with this. Also if we have a bot wizard? We could add a discord bot which takes care of what now is a human interaction.
      • PayPal Donate – DONE
        This is sorted. We have 2 paypal donation options at the moment.
        1. Donations will be a donation towards the cabal (in which ever the cabal sees fit to use it)
        2. Donations via the event page will be noted in the donation as a Event Prize Pool donation.
        All donations are registrated. The website keeps track. We could add some role in discord for donators?
      • Events Page – DONE!? (don’t know what else to add XD)
        Event page for NOT logged in users:
        – It mentions we have community events but no event ever shows.
        Event page for logged in users:
        – Next upcoming event shows in bottom of website including a countdown timer.
        – All events are in 1 page.
        – Past events drop below the line once the date is past.
        – Events can be sorted on organizers (factions)
        – Events can be labelled to create related events based on the label, plus it looks neat.
        – Events can be catogorized.
        – Events can be saved in your personal google calander or outlook agenda.
        – Events can be featured or cancelled. Both will visible show diffrently.
        – Events can be scheduled or set to repeat. A reoccuring event only has to be added once.
      • URL Domainname – PENDING
        The requested URL has been claimed. We own it!
        Still working on getting all the data onto the new server. After that i will change all URL links in the webpage so all runs smoothly on
        Expected to be solved: End of the month (October)
      • Memberpage registration – REMOVED FROM WORK IN PROGRESS. READ TEXT WITH LINE
        Question been raised to make the sign up accept the space character. Im looking into this but it will be bit harder, since i have to costumize a standard. Which i kinda don’t like to do. This will break more  than it fixxes. My prefered approach would be that we keep it as it is. I can add spaces after loggin to remove unwanted characters or to just tidy it up. What is shown on the website it self uses another “namefield”.
        Using the seperate namefield fixxes all issues.
        Shown name will not be the account user name. Spaces will not be accepted in account creation. Shown names will have spaces. 
      • Discord server connection – DONE
        I used to run a server connection. This application don’t run support anymore. I cannot add Cabal Discord in the standard. Working around this, but its not working yet. Might have to do with our Discord setting.
        Our discord is not public??? We might have to open that up
      • Merchandize page – Set in the fridge 
        This idea has been brought up but also been put on the end of all ends.
        (NOTE: CONTACT ME once this gets defrosted. need to fix something serverside first)
      • Discord Table of Content
        This can be added. Easily, but i need to know what is ment with Discord Table of Content.
      • Website filter – DONE
        Everything in the website can be filtered to show depending on logged in status and/or even cabal rank.
      • Shipmates Quartres. – DONE
        so i rebuild it to make it easier to maintain. Added filter options etc.***SPECIALTY ADD***
      • Ship/crew specific page.
        All right i started on building this.
        Every ship/crew will get its OWN page. With lots of automagic.
        Test run 1 atm for TMPWhat is the automagic?
        U play SoT! Something NEAT happens and u screen capture this.
        Than next moment boom! your capture is on your Ship/Crew page.

        For this to work:
        U need an account on
        U need an YT account, best would be an account special for your caps. But it can be on your account as long as it gets its OWN playlist within your account.

        want to see a tester?

Any of you sneakpeekers want to add something or get in contact?
DM me on Discord -> WeakDexx