The immortal

Cabal Sting server idea: The Immortal.

The immortal is a 24/7 sting server for cabalmembers to join and leave as they see fit.

The sting is composed of 6 galleons.
Each galleon will have:
1 crewmate called: The Immortal.
3 free spots to join.
Unique cosmetics.
It’s own objective(s).

Galleon 1 full GH will be only doing Gold Hoarder objectives.
Galleon 2 full OoS will be only doing OoS objectives.
Galleon 3 full Merchant Alliance will only be doing Merchant objectives.
Galleon 4 full Hunters Call will only be a fishing boat.
Galleon 5 full Athenas Fortune will only be doing Athena objectives.
Galleon 6 full World eventers will do all world events

The objective it self is free to fill in.
The objective needs to be tied to the ships main goal. Example: GH ship can do whatever they want aslong as it’s towards the GH faction.

Raising/lowering emissary is allowed at will.

Reapers bones is not allowed in The Immortal.
U are allowed to sell at the reapers hideout for commendations.

Changing a ships goal/objective?
This is allowed as long as all members agree upon the chance.
Example: Fishing boat wants to join in on world events. All fishing boat members agree 3/3 than u can do as u see fit.
2/3 do not chance the goal/objective of the galleon!

Following rules still apply once changing ships goal/objective.
– ship cosmetics stay as it’s original. In this example it stays full HC.
– if a new spot opens and a new member joins for fishing, than it resets its ships goal/objective to the original. Example:
This galleon was HC, changed and now returns to HC.

What is the point?
The immortal sting server is free to join and leave as u see fit.
U got only 30 min but want to help out a cabal member doing some GH? A spot is open? Than join in. U can drop out when ever u want. The immortal will take care of the ship.

As a cabal member u can sail freely without the dangers of other players. But u can still enjoy the gold and rep.

In need of a certain commendation? Join an immortal and hunt your prize.

The immortal
Each immortal will have exactly the same outfit for recognition. Depending on the ships goal,

the immortal will have 1 unique item to recognize which galleon its part of.

Incase your galleon immortal disconnects, please contact the immortal. If possible pass the ship to other cabal members until your ships immortal returns.

PvP is NOT allowed.